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  • The Release LP

    The Release LP

    This is the first album I’ve ever put together. Originally released in 2010 under the name J.Good, the 15 track project features Rock City, Jimmy Hennec, Layla Martinez, Life The Great, PK One Day, Common, Andre 3000 and more. Buy Last Name Good’s The Release LP here.

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  • Unfinished From 2014

    Unfinished From 2014

    Dedicated to those of us who lose inspiration in the middle of creating. Unfinished From 2014 by Last Name Good Buy Last Name Good’s Unfinished From 2014 here.

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  • …Sonically It Fits

    …Sonically It Fits

    Well its my birthday and because I'm in a gift giving mood, I decided to let go of some beats that were hanging in the vault because…Sonically It Fits. …Sonically It Fits by Last Name Good Buy Last Name Good’s …Sonically It Fits here.

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  • Rozay Passed On These Beats

    Rozay Passed On These Beats

    With the release of Rick Ross latest album, Rather You Than Me, I decided to let go of beats that Rozay passed on. Buy Last Name Good’s Rozay Passed On These Beats EP here.

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  • 3am at Cafe Intermezzo

    3am at Cafe Intermezzo

    A couple of nights ago my wife and I hung out until 3am. We had tea and apple cider at Cafe Intermezzo. This is the soundtrack to that night. Buy Last Name Good’s 3am at Cafe Intermezzo EP here.

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  • That Day I Never Met Hov..Sincerely Last Name Good

    That Day I Never Met Hov..Sincerely Last Name Good

    There’s no secret that JAY Z is one of my favorite rappers and like most producers, we’ve all dreamed of the day we could work with the big homie. Well today that happened…well at least in my head. Here’s the story of That Day I Never Met Hov…Sincerely Last Name Good. That Day I Never…

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  • Car Trouble EP

    Car Trouble EP

    Back in 2014 I started working on a new project dedicated to the life of issues I’ve had with my cars over the years. What was suppose to be a full length project with features, ending up sitting on the shelf. Mainly because I moved on from that part of my life. Then fall hit…

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  • 30 Sumthin’ EP

    30 Sumthin’ EP

    Waking up and realizing another year has past can sometimes be scary. One can only reflect on where life have taking you. From being a teenager in college to finding that one person that makes you forget about everyone else, its all perspective. Today Atlanta producer Last Name Good reflects on life and decides to…

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  • #LockedInDaDen


    When I first came in this game, it was as a producer. The joy of creating was everything to me. Making people dance, smile, forget about their pain and a range of other emotions; made me want to be a producer. Somewhere along the way of creating and curating The Str8OutDaDen Podcast, being the…

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  • Grey Skies EP

    Grey Skies EP

    The Audiography of Hip-Hop Artwork by Samantha “SaMaree” Craig Buy Last Name Good’s Grey Skies EP here.

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